Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register?

“You register by visiting and clicking on the Register now icon.”

Do I have to register?

“All Organizations in the entertainment and hospitality space are required to register, in addition to this Churches, Mosques, Gyms, Spas and Event centers are also required to register”

Can I use my Mobile Phone?

“The portal can be accessed from any Mobile device with internet connectivity, registration can be carried out on any Android, IOS or Windows devices”

What is RC/BN/ENTITY number?

“This is the number issued to your organization by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)”

How much do I pay for registration?

“Registration is free, there is no charge required.”

Can I open my Business after Registration is complete?

“No you may not, the safety commission will contact you in 7 to 14 days”

How do I Carry out the process?

“Please have a look at the User Guide on the home page for the procedure”

Can I complete my registration without a Safety Compliance certificate?

“Yes you may proceed and complete your registration”